1. What is Fire retardant treatment on board vessels?

Treatment of textiles on board vessels allowing a higher degree of fire retardant characteristics to fabrics, upholstery,
bed linen, hanging textiles, floor coverings without replacing the material with a fire proofed material .

2. Why should I treat and not replace?

The cost per SQM of fire proof materials is sometimes up to ten times the cost of fabrics and materials treated with NX2.  Also, availability of materials and patterns marked as fireproof is very limited in choice.

3. What is MCA MGN453 and to whom does it apply?

MGN453 is a notice – permanent regulation , by MCA that came into effect as of 1st January 2013 and applies to vessels under UK flag and Red Ensign group. The Regulation came into force in order to put in order all previous fire retardant applications carried on board vessels with no audit trail or tractability. This was done by following IMO FTP2010 regulations and testing procedures.

4. Does my vessel require such a treatment?

To simplify the matter…. any yacht under UK Flag or within Red Ensign Group (i.e. Cayman), if not fitted with a sprinkler system and is commercially endorsed (voluntary or as a Charter vessel) requires a qualified procedure document every 24 months . Unless exemption from Administration has been granted.

5. Can i have my vessel treated voluntary?

Yes! This will not involve the auditing and traceability report reducing the cost significantly. This will allow you to enhance the safety of your vessel and may even serve in reducing your insurance premium!

6. Does the MGN453 regulation apply to other flags?

No, MCA legislates within UK flagged vessels and Red Ensign group, but, and there is always a BUT, from our experience other authorities and administrations tend to adopt MCA regulations, especially when they enhance safety of crew, passengers and vessel!

7. Why Choose NX2FLAMETECT ?

MVM will supply you with a competitive quotation, second to none, with NO ADDED TRAVEL COSTS , to most locations . (Subject to a minimum area treated. see our T&C). With our main qualified contractor MENinWHITE we can offer a pre cleaning service at a reduced cost. (Subject to Location)

NX2FLAMETECT is an in house product specially formulated and tested. We have used our partners ECO-SOL Marine vast experience within the flame retardant field, with over 25 years of application).

NX2FLAMETECT is not only a fire retardant product tested on a vast array of materials (see our certificates online…. we have nothing to hide!), it is in final testing stages as a non allergic approved and non corrosive and more to come , stay tuned.