Fire Retardant Treatments for Yachts

You have worked hard and you finally reward yourself with your dream yacht. No doubt, being in possession of a yacht is a heavenly feeling, but it is no joke when a yacht catches on fire. For this reason alone, you should make the effort to ensure that it is treated with fire retardant.

A yacht contains a potential “fire load” of combustible items due to the presence of electrical wiring and electronic equipment, as well as extra trimmings of comfort such as fanciful furnishings, plush carpets, a spa, beddings, clothing and more.

The living space inside a yacht is filled with fire hazards. In our pursuit for comfort and luxurious living, we invest in electronic products with greater processing power and amazing miniaturization. This incessant drive has hugely heightened the risk factor for the cabin, spa or jacuzzi to turn into a huge fireball. With an electrical heater or air-conditioner running at full stream, the danger of fire is obvious. It is also no safer at the bridge since sophisticated instrumentation and the impressive wheel could catch on fire easily.

Fire retardant products help to greatly reduce the fire risk brought about by your comfortable lifestyle in your luxurious yacht. Flame retardant products bring comprehensive protection to your technical gadgets, spa installation, yacht insulation, circuit boards and cables from potential combustion and fire spread. A fire breakout should never be underestimated. Due to the compact build of a yacht, any fire started could easily spread rapidly. It may not take long before your heavily invested yacht goes up in smoke, often violently.

The benefits of treating a yacht with fire retardant are that if your yacht is ever exposed to fire, the applied treatment will reduce oxidation which it does by creating a thin layer of char which stops the flames spreading and prevents further combustion. Your insurance premiums will also be reduced as fire retardants provide long lasting protection against fires. The best part is that fire retardants are clear and odorless water-based liquids that are easy-to-apply.

Indeed the inherent fire risk embedded into modern amenities like television sets, sofas, beds, computers and a load of high tech electronic gadgetries is real. The biggest culprit is perhaps those that are made essentially from plastics or polymers (a synthetic compound extracted originally from crude oil). Often these items can quickly be set alight in the event of electrical short circuit or come into contact with a burning object like a cigarette if they are not treated with fire retardant coatings.
Still not convinced? Here is a simple fact for you – An average size TV set (or its combustible plastic make up) easily boasts an energy content that is comparable to several liters of petrol.

You can apply fire retardant treatments on a number of flammable upholstery, furnishings, electrical products, etc to stop a potential fire in its track or to delay its spread. Moreover, coatings can be applied on-site and off-site, bringing some degree of convenience to yacht owners. Fire retardant treatments insure against your investment of your precious yacht, but more significantly, they save lives. It will be a worthwhile investment, so don’t put it off any longer.