• NX2 Is A Nitrogen Based Effective Flame Retardant Specifically Designed For The Marine Market
  • NX2 Is Produced in An ISO 9000 Environment Ensuring Performance & Consistency Of Quality
  • NX2 Is Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous, It Is Not a Marine Pollutant & Is Classified As Safe To Transport Internationally By Air , Land & Sea
  • NX2 Is Dermally Friendly , Vitally Important For Upholstery Textiles & Carpeting That Are In Continuous Contact With Skin
  • NX2 Has A Low Hygroscopy ( Affinity To Water ) & Does Not Readily Absorb Moisture, Leach Out Or Progressively Degrade In A Marine Environment
  • NX2 Is Non-Corrosive To All Metals Ferrous & Non Ferrous ( See Our Tests ) & Will Not Contribute To The Degradation Of A Vessels Structural & Decorative Metals
  • NX2 Does Not Contain Any Chemicals On Any International ‘’ Banned ‘’ Or ‘’ To Be Phased Out Lists ‘’
  • NX2 Contains Low Levels Of People Friendly Biocides That Are Effective Against Bacteria That Can Cause Discomfort & Subsequent Loss Of Income On Board Vessels Including Noro Virus (See Our Tests)

NX2Flametect, How Does it Work ?

Three Components Are Necessary For Fire : A Source Of Fuel, Oxygen & A Source Of Ignition ( Energy )
This Situation Is Sometimes Called The Burning Or Combustion Triangle
Although You Need Only To Eliminate One Of these Three Components To Disrupt The Burning Or Combustion Cycle, NX2 Produces Outstanding Results By Eliminating Two Of These Components
At High Temperatures NX2 Produces Non-Combustible Gases Which Have A Diluting Effect On The Flammable Gases Produced By The Fire, Eliminating Oxygen Presence & Protecting The Burning Substrate From Further Combustion
In Addition To This NX2 Causes A Protective Char Layer to Be Rapidly Produced Which Acts As A Barrier Between The Substrate & The Heat Source, Further Disrupting the Burning Process
NX2 Treated Materials Produce Significantly Less Smoke, In Many Cases Smoke Generation Is Reduced by Up To 50% , This Is A Significant Factor When You Consider Smoke inhalation Causes More Deaths Than Actual Contact With Fire
NX2 Is Supplied In Sealed Containers To Trained & Certified Contractors Who Operate Totally Within The Legislation, Guidelines & Spirit Of The MCA MGN 453 Relating to Flame Retardant Treatments For Textiles & Furnishings
Both the Product & Process Have Been Fully Audited By MCA Approved Auditors & Certified Accordingly