MVM and ECO-SOL decided to combine the best of both worlds, MVM as part of MFR supplying professional consultancy and management to the Mega Yacht sector. Specializing in the regulations  governed by Flag s and Classification societies.  ECO-SOL , a leader in the market of Fire retardant materials with a wealth of experience gained over 25 years and using the professional services of  ISCA laboratories.

Following the developments and publications issued by the MCA leading to the implementation of MGN 453  in October 2012 (delayed to January 2013) , both companies  completed a 9 month process ending with a successful Audit and certification of NX2FLAMETECT and application procedures.

The extensive audit and testing of required range of materials allowed this joint venture to bring a high quality product, NX2FLAMETECT, with a professional and documented procedure, into the marine market.

Fire incidents on board vessels have become a major threat to vessels , crew and passengers. This can be approached on two main levels.

Crew training – The better the crew is trained to deal with the fire , the more chance that damage can be minimized and injuries eliminated.

Reducing flammability of the vessel and materials – This is where MVM and ECO-SOL have followed the guide lines of MCA and the MGN 453 regulation adhering to IMO FTP standards.

We have created a procedure, application and product that will allow hanging textiles, floor covering, bedding, upholstery to enhance the safety and retardants’  to fire , certified and regulated.

Following an initial quotation, based on information supplied by the vessel , MVM will arrange to supply a qualified contractor on board or receive the materials for treatment in four major locations.

The process will take between a 1 – 3 days , depending on the quantity required to be treated.  This will be documented and a report will be produced in four copies (as required). Certification will be supplied to allow vessel compliance with Flag and Class. Treatments are valid for up to 24 months if fabrics are dry cleaned only . (up to 10 cycles ) . MVM applies an invisible mark on each treated item to control any future cleaning that will cause degradation to NX2 and the fire protection.

MVM works closely with our applicator MEN IN WHITE which have a vast experience within the dry and wet cleaning field and combine cleaning and protection for a cost effective cost to owners.