Treatment Update

Almost 2.5 years after implementation of MGN453 and MFR developing NX2FLAMETECT.
Numerous treatments behind us in 8 locations around the Globe. Went through our annual audit by MCA with flying colours. Added another sample and increased our range of materials tested and approved for treatment. All in all, we have had a very successful start and had 100% success with the application on different yachts requesting a second to none service.

Although the treatment is required for specific vessels we have also been asked to apply on non LY3 compliant yachts. This is highlighting the fact that owners and operators are aware of the safety factor involved and proving that a safety culture and awareness is entering this market. We are happy to see this change as we are involved in crew training both in yachts requiring full ISM systems, commercial, and mini ISM systems.
We conduct risk assessments on many yachts and point out to the crew the statistics involved in fire incidents on board. The possibility of lowering the risk to crew and guests by simply treating upholstery, textiles and bedding with fire retardant NX2FLAMETECT is a logical solution. When we conduct fire drills we can actually show the difference in an incident where hanging curtains have been treated and an incident that they have not.

We take two samples, 1 square meter each. We treat the one and leave the other without any treatment. When setting alight both samples with the same fire source you can see the fast spread on none treated sample and immediately fumes and smoke released. The treated sample scorches but doesn’t ignite. This will be the difference between getting out alive and possibly saving the vessel with minimum damage or….loss of life and extensive damage to the vessel.

Don’t take a chance on your valuable possession and don’t endanger your crew and guests lives. It is as simple as treating the vessel with NX2FLAMETECT every 18-24 months by us. Call us today for a free estimate. Be Safe.