Debunking the Myths of Flame Retardants

Within the fire and materials community pressure to reduce, if not generally ban the use of halogen-containing, and more specifically bromine-containing flame retardants, has been gathering momentum during the last 15 years or so. Hence so, the SCI Fire and Materials Group meeting in Glasgow on 5 November entitled ‘Bromine flame retardants – Life-savers or eco-villains’ offered the opportunity for delegates to experience a series of lectures from acknowledged experts on each side of the current debate.
This opening is taken from the 23/11/2015 SCI paper released following the 5th of November SCI Meeting in Glasgow. Attended by Paul (Eco-Sol) this will give a better understanding on the advantages of NX2FLAMETECT in comparision to other products used within the fire retardant treatment field. Unique to the Marine field the product developed and used by MVM and our qualified contractors looks ahead into the future and takes into account environmental considerations.
Read the complete paper and judge for yourself!