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Debunking the Myths of Flame Retardants

Within the fire and materials community pressure to reduce, if not generally ban the use of halogen-containing, and more specifically bromine-containing flame retardants, has been gathering momentum during the last 15 years or so. Hence so, the SCI Fire and Materials Group meeting in Glasgow on 5 November entitled ‘Bromine flame retardants – Life-savers or […]

Application of Fire Retardant Chemicals on Textiles

Due to the polymer content in textiles in general, textiles represent a major source of fire and combustion. However, when proper fire retardant chemicals are applied, the textiles could be made significantly less susceptible to fire breakouts. Fire retardant chemicals can come in various forms, they include paints, varnishes and saturates. These chemicals do not […]

Fire Retardant Treatments for Textiles

Fabric is among the materials most susceptible to fire. With appropriate fire retardant treatment, these textiles could have their chance of catching fire greatly minimized. There are a number of items in households or offices that could be classified within the highly combustible category; they are carpets, upholstery, garments, bed sheets, and the most ubiquitous […]