Motor Yacht Sunseeker 34 m Incident


6th May 2011
A 112-foot (34m) Sunseeker was destroyed by fire Friday 6th May 2011 evening at Poole Quay in Dorset, England.
The cause of the fire is unknown and the fire service has launched an investigation.One theory is that a lightning strike could have set it alight.
No other vessels nor the builder’s facilities were damaged by the blaze. More than 50 firefighters battled through the night to control the fire.

Other multimillion pound yachts had to be moved from the boatyard as the fire ripped through the vessel’s fibreglass cabin and flames leapt almost 70 feet into the air.
No other vessels nor the builder’s facilities were damaged by the blaze.


Hundreds of people gathered at the marina as six fire engines tackled the blaze after being called out just after 11pm on Friday.
Two lifeboats were called to move the other yachts in the marina to safety amid fears that the blaze would spread and cause millions of pounds of damage.

Mike Cox, Dorset fire and rescue service’s station manager, said: “The fire took hold of the yacht very quickly due to its structure being made of fibreglass.

A Portland Coastguard spokesman said the owner was getting ready to take delivery of the yacht and was a helpless bystander as firefighters battled to extinguish the blaze.

It’s thought the vessel was due to be delivered to its Mexican purchaser next week and that a crew from the country were in Poole in the past few days to familiarise themselves with it.

Fire service station manager Mike Cox said wind conditions helped by blowing the fumes and smoke away.
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